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About Us

Hey, Y'all! I'm Sarah Collins.


I am truly grateful to our customers and fans...THANK YOU for checking out our designs and for being our inspiration and cheerleaders!

Sarah Collins Brand was established (kind of) by accident! I LOVED designing shirts for our boutique, Poppie's, and came up with a new design each month. Eventually, people started asking for more and more designs, and stores were asking to buy our designs though wholesale! The first prototypes were tested at a local festival, and we sold out in 2 days! 

Designed and printed in Middle TN, we strive to provide comfy shirts that hit a heartstring, rather it be a scripture, quote, or pride in our great state. 

Later on in our shirt journey, I discovered while chatting with my Husband that each shirt has a unique story behind it. We all have a story to tell, and it just so happens that I have told mine through my designs. I pray that our story can minister to you in some way, and maybe, just maybe, our stories will intertwine! 

xoxo -sarah